VLCC Rose Water Toner(100ml)


VLCC Rose Water Toner(100ml)

Every skin needs a gentle boost and sufficient hydration to stay nourished. All you need is the Vlcc Rose Water Toner. It is not just a fragrant liquid; it is a natural toner that helps to maintain your skin pH balance. Rosewater benefits for the skin include fighting acne, hydrating, revitalising, and moisturising the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

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VLCC refreshing rose water benefits for skin include:

It acts as a purifying and cooling agent.

It tones, nourishes, and balances the skin.

Key Ingredients

Rose Extract

The distilled rose water for skin whitening effectively moisturises and gives a cooling effect to your face. 

Aloe Vera Extract

It acts as a hydrating agent that helps unclog pores and maintain an even skin tone.

Date Extract

It enhances skin elasticity and brightness, reduces pigmentation, and keeps the skin soft and supple.

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