Onion & Fenugreek Shampoo (300ml)


Onion & Fenugreek Shampoo (300ml)

Nurture your scalp and hair with the VLCC onion and fenugreek shampoo. A unique safe formula enriched with the natural goodness of Onion Fenugreek Seed, Olives, Almond & Black Seed Oil helps restore vitality and makes hair strong & shiny. Infused with nutrients, the onion shampoo works magically on all hair types. Massage your hair with Onion & Fenugreek Hair Oil for best results before shampooing.

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Promotes hair growth: Onion is a sulphur-rich ingredient; onion shampoo helps promote keratin and collagen in the hair and scale.

Strengthens hair follicles: Fenugreek is high in protein and vitamin B3—fenugreek shampoo benefits include increasing blood circulation and inducing keratin production. It deeply hydrates, nourishes and strengthens hair roots and follicles.

Key Ingredients


Onion hair shampoo helps reduce thinning and breakage of hair. It also increases blood supply to hair roots and follicles, preventing hair fall.


Fenugreek shampoo for hair is a rich source of iron and protein, the two most essential nutrients for hair growth. It gives your hair volume and lustre and controls it from breakage.


It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and magnesium that improves scalp condition and helps in repairing damaged hair.

Black Seed

Black seed is enriched with antioxidants that help naturally restore hair growth and thinning.

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