VLCC Manicure Pedicure Kit


VLCC Manicure Pedicure Kit

Regular parlour visits are part of every woman's life, but have you ever imagined bringing a salon-like experience to your home? The Vlcc manicure and pedicure kit help you get well-groomed hands and feet at an affordable price.

A combination of unique products enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like walnut, cocoa butter and orange, the manicure kit helps you get gorgeous nails. In contrast, the pedicure kit is designed to help you get beautiful, healthy tips & toes. You can save the stress of waiting at the salon and learn how to do pedicure at home with easy-to-follow steps.

    The manicure and pedicure kit includes:
  • Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser: Hand & Foot cleanser effectively removes grime and odour that can lead to unwanted conditions such as fungus and infection in hands, feet and nails.
  • Myrrh Cuticle Oil: Myrrh cuticle oil that's part of the manicure kit is used at the end of a manicure session. It helps deal with numerous nail problems like cracked nails, dryness, excess cuticle, fungal infections, and even ingrown nails.
  • Pediglow Hand and Foot Scrub: Pediglow Hand And Foot luxurious pedicure scrub enriched with Walnut and Lemongrass help gently and effectively remove dry, dull and dead skin.
  • Cocoa Butter Hand and Foot Cream: Cocoa Butter Hand And Foot Cream - an ultra softening cream with Cocoa Butter and Orange Oil. A complete reviver made of unique herbs that nourishes your hands and feet.
  • Orange Anti-Tan Pack: Orange Anti-Tan Pack is a unique formulation enriched with Orange Peel Extract and Vitamin E that brightens, lightens and even dull, patchy and damaged skin. It also helps lighten the tanned skin.
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